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Military Master Artist

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Napoléon Carrousel Paris

A 200 numbered special edition

Napoleon Bonaparte in a new and limited format

The first in a series of four

A rendering faithful to the original and time resistant

Available in an enlarged format
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​A Master at the forefront of his Art

Patrice Courcelle's mastery is the fruit of 50 years of work, where each brushstroke reveals a sequence of our history through artistic excellence.

Patrice Courcelle

Patrice Courcelle is a French artist known for his paintings and drawings of military history, particularly his depictions of historic battles and military uniforms. 

He has a particular fascination with the Napoleonic era and has produced many works on this subject, including portraits of notable military figures such as Napoleon Bonaparte and Marshal Ney.

Courcelle's work has been featured in many exhibitions and galleries throughout Europe and United States. His paintings and drawings have also been published in numerous books and magazines, including Military Illustrated and the Osprey Men-at-Arms series.

In addition to his work as an artist, Patrice Courcelle is also a respected military historian and has written several books on the subject, including a history of the French Hussars and a study of the Waterloo campaign.

Overall, Patrice Courcelle is a highly regarded artist and historian who has made significant contributions to the field of military history through his artwork and scholarship.


An Art sublimed by Knowledge

Patrice Courcelle creates unique pieces of art built on knowledge and expertise. A research of history truth that the Master paint on the paper and canvas.

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Fine Art Aluminium

Our prestigious fine art prints, at the ultimate level of reproduction, use an aluminum-based printing technique called "Sublimation" to render the colors with the utmost precision on the metallic surface. Visually, there is no metal aspect.

Each work is elegantly framed in an American aluminum box, designed to be hung on the wall without effort.

These art prints are limited to 30 copies, all formats combined.

Fine Art Boutiqu

Fine Art Boutique

Make your walls a masterpiece

Elevate your home to an art gallery with timeless masterpieces that meet your discerning taste for historical accuracy.

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Heroes Series

Our special series are printed on A3 & A4 premium quality paper or for special occasions, on aluminium using sublimation technique. 

They are available in limited quantities.

Special Editions boutique

Heroes Series

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Original Paintings

An original painting is the fruit of a talent at the source, of a demanding training and of many years of experience. To all this are added the intellectual effort of creation, the personal requirement and the long time of realization. From these combined elements, a precious object emerges.

Patrice Courcelle only accepts enthusiastic commissions to be added to an already full order book. In consequence, deliveries are not expected before the end of 2024.

Owning an original work from Patrice Courcelle should be a privilege and only for exceptional projects. 

Timeless Artworks

Each brushstroke produces a work of very high quality, sophisticated and timeless.

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