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Patrice Courcelle
Fine Art

About Fine Art

Fine art limited editions are a type of art print produced in a very limited quantity by the Artist. These prints are produced using high-quality materials (Aluminium) and techniques (Sublimation) to create a reproduction that is as close as possible to the original artwork.

The number of prints produced in a limited edition is determined in advance, and each print is numbered with a maximum of 30. For example, a limited edition print may be numbered "3/30," indicating that it is the third print produced out of a total of 30 in the edition.

The purpose of producing limited editions is to provide exclusivity and value for collectors, as well as to help ensure the long-term preservation and appreciation of the original Patrice Courcelle artwork. By limiting the number of prints produced, each individual print becomes more rare and valuable.

Sublimation technique produces a unique texture and finish.

Chose your Artwork format & your frame finition

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With a numbered certificate of Authenticity

The certificate of authenticity is a metal plate added at the back of the frame linked to a digitally secured version on request

Available Fine Art Prints

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